Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Women's Showing Off " Celebrating Women's History Month

We are inviting people of Fort St. James and surrounding communities to participate in an amazing event to celebrate Women’s History Month. This event is open to the public and anyone is welcome to come. The theme for this event is “Women Showing Off”, and will be located at our National Historic Park in October. There will be arts, foods, music, and movies showing off the talents and significant items from the women of your life. The opening night will be October 24, 2008. Watch for event posters and brochures.

As the main part of this event we would like to create a display to celebrate women’s talents and achievements. We are looking for paintings, photographs, quilts, cross stitches, afghans, crochets, arts, drum makings, carvings, beadings, crafts, music, talents, books - anything that was made, created, expressed, and used by important women in your life and that has contributed to your own history. For instance, you might have this knife that once belonged to your grandmother. Your grandmother used this knife to clean fish and cut food and passed it to you, and that has significant history. Or maybe you have this particular painting that your grandmother did, and is important to your family and that is history. Maybe your grandmother or mom, or you wrote a book and you are so proud of it; or maybe your mother taught you cooking and that has had a big impact in your life, so why not show it off! Whatever it is that has important value in your life, in your history, show it off. Let us celebrate our uniqueness, our being women, and let us celebrate our history. Watch for participation registration forms available in August 4, 2008.

We are also looking for volunteers for this great event! To All Women of Fort St. James, let’s hear us roar! Let us be proud of our history! Let us celebrate it!

For details or more information please call:

Fireweed Women’s Outreach 250 996 8083

Fireweed Collective Society 250 996 8089

Tl’azt’en Health 250 648 3350